Great Frigatebird on a dry branch (00005357)

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Great Frigatebird/Fregata minorGreat Frigatebird on a dry branchCurrently live 95 breeding pairs of binding frigatebirds on Eastern Island.Frigatebirds are extreme flight artists. Their wings have a span two meters, the deeply forked tail and extraordinary abilities give them their low weight of under two kilograms. Flying fish are the favourite prey of frigate birds, but they hunt also squid and other fish occurring on the surface. Hatched turtles and seabird chicks are especially at risk.Frigatebirds are also notorious pirate of the skies. Strategically positioned, they wait for seabirds returning from fishing. At the appropriate moment they attack, chase after them and harass them until they drop their prey or regurgitation.While diving for prey the Frigatebirds grab the prey usually before it reaches the surface of the water.